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Newbie question

Guest mike

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Sorry for the question, it's prolly really simple in the end, but I've been trying this for a while and still can't manage to do it on my own.

How do i open the Control Panel and/or Display Properties with autoit?

I understand how to make it work when a window is minimized (exists?) but what about when there is nothing? :D

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Each control panel has the extension *.cpl, and can be found in the %PATH%. Because of this, you just need to get the name of the particular control panel you are opening. In the case of the display (deskop properities) panel, it is called desk.cpl. Since it's in either the system32, or system directory (I forget where excatally), you can use the following line to open that control panel:

Run(@ComSpec & " /c start desk.cpl", "", @SW_HIDE)

That code will open a hidden command window, tell it to start the desk.cpl control panel application, and automatically close the command window when it is finished.

If you want to open an explorer window to the control panel, you'll need to give it the location of the control panel. You can find a list of all CLSID's in the Appendix of the helpfile. The one for the control panel is "::{21EC2O2O-3AEA-1O69-A2DD-08002b30309d}". Therefore, to open an explorer window at that location, use

Run("explorer.exe ::{21EC2O2O-3AEA-1O69-A2DD-08002b30309d}")

Corrected my Run code in the first example

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thanks for the quick reply!

However i used the same thing you put and it didn't work.

Is it because i need to put the full path to the desk.cpl

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