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Outlook profile switch issue

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I searched the forums and found a couple of close entries to mine..but I couldn't get it to work.

Want to start Outlook with a particular email profile.

the command line switch that MS supports is [ /Profile profilename ]

If the profile has a space in it..then you have to enclose it in "double quotes"

RUN ("c:\outlook.exe /profile "mailbox name"") doesn't work

I searched the help files and didn't see any mention of this situaiton.

I saw on a previous posting by someone that using & and single quote, should work, but I think I have spacing wrong or something.

Can someone show me how

something like... Run ("c:\outlook.exe" & '/profile "mailbox name"') ???

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :lmao:

~J. Schutzmanwww.alchemistgamer.com

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