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Xbox controller input

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MAIN SOURCE FROM: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...amp;hl=joystick (modified alot)

After a very long time without any success trying to get Ejoc's joystick program to work, i finally am figuring it out (it wasnt constant dont worry)

Im just sort of stuck on what im doing now... obviously

I made it detect each button and list it as true/false, and put the analogs in a scale -1 to 1 (-1 being left angle, 1 being right, and 0 being centered -- for both X and Y axis and for both analogs). I also made it detect the POV and say which POV was active (and Up/Right etc for angles)

But, the controller 'id' im calling it, which is just a number, probrably changes per USB port. I made a combo where you choose 0~7 to change, but if the controller isnt active it just freezes all the list. I was wondering if you could detect if a controller was detected on that slot... (For expanding this project further)

Another thing, I was to make a range-sensitive cursor/analog system, where you move the analog and the mouse moves. I know JoyToKey and JoyMouse do this... But its not at all sensitive. Its impossible to aim in all my games. Since I have it scaled from -1, 0, 1 and 2 decimals in between I think it would be easy. Theres just one problem, I dont know a way to move the mouse smoothly towards a direction. I basically need a sulotion to make the mouse increase/decrease both the X and Y axis, so that if its at a 22.5 degree angle it wont move up at 45 degrees like POV

Ill put it up here, I think its pretty neat... If anyone has an XBox controller for their PC could you check it out for me see if it works... It might have some buttons backwards because I had to improvise with the XBCDriver to make both the analog work

Just put the dellmem.au3 into your beta\include folder, and I put the .dll into windows\system32 and it worked fine. Then just beta run the main file and test it out.

IF YOU DONT HAVE A CONTROLLER I'd still like some suggestions to move the mouse slowly, maybe a small script or just an example or theory... Thanks for any help and I hope this helps someone who had the same problem as me


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