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Steven Vandenhoute

internet explorer startup script business envirement

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I am working on an It helpdesk.

When we open out internet explorer we are standardly redirected to the intranet page.

I have now written a little script ( as a test and learning application) witch do the following.

When I am at work the script asks me with site I would open (intranet, ICT intranet, google, ...)

When I am at every other place, the script go's automaticly to google.

the listing:

#Include <GUIConstants.au3>

;ping to mainframe
$var = Ping("",250)
If $var Then; also possible:  If @error = 0 Then ...

GUICreate ( "Internet Explorer", 220, 80)

$combo=GUICtrlCreateCombo ( "Select Website", 10, 10, 200, 1000)

GUICtrlSetData ( -1, "Intranet|Intranet ICT|Google.be|Cibazone.be", "Select Website")

$okbutton=GUICtrlCreateButton ("Go!",  10, 40, 50, 30)
$cancelbutton=GUICtrlCreateButton ( "Cancel",  80, 40, 50, 30)

GUISetState ()

$msg = GUIGetMsg()

While 1
     $msg = GUIGetMsg()

       Case $msg= $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

       Case $msg = $okbutton
         $data = GUICtrlRead($combo)
         If $data="Select Website" then 
           msgbox(4096, "Error", "Please select a Website.")
         ElseIf $data="Intranet" then 
           Run('explorer http://www.url.intranet, @WindowsDir)
         ElseIf $data="Intranet ICT" then 
           Run('explorer http://www.url.ict intranet', @WindowsDir)
         ElseIf $data="Google.be" then
           Run('explorer http://www.google.be', @WindowsDir)
         ElseIf $data="Cibazone.be" then 
           Run('explorer http://www.cibazone.be', @WindowsDir)
       Case $msg = $cancelbutton


    Run('explorer http://www.google.be', @WindowsDir)
Edited by Steven Vandenhoute

"You cannot solve a problem with the mind that created it" (Albert Einstein)

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