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GUI problem (Update Gui or 2 separate gui)

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hello together,

i create a autoitscript with should change some windowssettings. at the moment a have create a included au3.File that contains in arrays the text,headlines and the defaults of the Checkboxes and Radiobutton.

my script declare some functions then build the gui and ask for the buttons and work them.

All Work -

We have to change it so that we can Use the external settings from the includes au3 file in a inifile for Profiles.

I have used the iniread for the values and set them for my arrays to create the gui.

But i have the problem that i should change the ini(profiles) while the gui is open.

Changing check oder uncheck works without problem when a set the states new. But i canĀ“t change the text.

I think it should be a way to create a new gui before the config gui so that i can load an specify ini-file and than create the config gui - end if a exit the config go back to the ini-gui.

I have testet it with parent and child guiwindow but the child must be declared before loading the config gui. so that i have the same problem with updateing.

My someone help me?

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