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Mouse Pointer & Pixel Color change

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Aim: To verify if the cursor has changed.

I do know that a cursor change in normal Window mode can be easily verified. But in game i belive it different story.

I want to get the cursor change to trigger some event / function.

The cursor basically changes from a arrow (some well designed graphic arrow ) to glowing sword (basically when its on monsters).

basic function needed would be:

$var=get the mouse pos ( x , y)

$ y= get mousepointer color ($var[0], $var[1])

Now the problem comes here:

I dont know what is considered as the exact location of a pointer. Meaning since i would be using one square pixel as color change of the cursor.

Sure i could use the pixel search function but , the problem is cursor as "n" number of different colored shades making it impossible to limit it to a single color variation search.

So i decided if i could find the exact pin point square pix which is considered as the cursor position in terms of x and y.

Once i have exact x , y i can get color of that particular pixel say its FFFFFF For e.g.

My second problem (my lack of knowlege)

after i get $y = Some decimal value of the color

$hex_y = Hex($y , 6) --> This gives hex value of the color say ACDHH (Just for random something)

Now i want to compare the variable value of $hex_y = FFFFFF

IF true mouse click ($var[0], $var[1]) --> Basically click on current location.

Please help me with the syntax for comparing:

IF $hex_y=="FFFFFF" THEN

execute some FUNC

This part is not correct syntax wise, comparing a variable equals to some hex value

Anyhelp appreciated

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Err..Did everyone Skip this one?? Ok i think i got one more trick to find that out..But if someone already knows an easy way please post.

Thank y ou

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