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Newsleecher Download Queue

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Hi all, been using autoit for the last week and am still learning, have created a few scripts without any problem.

I want to make this script work with newsleecher (a usenet binary downloader), I haven't had a problem getting the controlID from all other programs but newsLeecher is a bit funny, as a test I just want to select (highlight) the items in the list before I progress and develop the script but ain't getting any luck, here's a sample

$t = "NewsLeecher"
$C = 67288
ControlListView($t, "", $C, "SelectAll")

$C is the controlid (using the info tool), It activates my newsleecher window, but doesn't highlight the items in the list, I also tried substituting the control id for the classname e.g $C = "TVirtualExplorerTreeview1" but no luck, I know what you are thinking, it isn't a list but it is, Please if anyone here is using Newsleecher or could care to download and test it you'll know what I'm talking about.

Thanks in advanced and thanks for the great program, am learning something new everyday!

Here's some screens, the first one I put a red border to indicate the are / control I'm trying to control.

The second screen has the window info tool open, the thing is when I move the mouse around in that list (the red border) it changes alot, there are plenty of other controlid within the red border, its the ONLY program that does this, hope you can help, thanks.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The mouse is within the red border on the highlighted blue line 2 - 3 inches from the left, print screen didn't capture!

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