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Get selected text and replace

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Func _AddTag (ByRef $hEdit, $szTag)
    Local $iSelected = GUICtrlRecvMsg ($hEdit, 0x00B0)
    If (IsArray($iSelected)) And ($iSelected[0] < $iSelected[1]) Then
        GUICtrlSetData ($hEdit, StringLeft (GUICtrlRead ($hEdit), $iSelected[0]) & "[" & $szTag & "]" & _ 
        StringMid (GUICtrlRead ($hEdit), $iSelected[0]+1, $iSelected[1]-$iSelected[0]) & "[/" & $szTag & "]" & _
        StringTrimLeft (GUICtrlRead ($hEdit), $iSelected[1]))
        GUICtrlSetState ($hEdit, $GUI_FOCUS)

[quote name='Valik' post='301213' date='Jan 31 2007, 10:36 PM']You seem to have a habit of putting things in the wrong place. I feel sorry for any female you attempt to have sex with.[/quote][font="Lucida Sans Unicode"][/font]

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