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Compression value for upx to match AutoIt compiled script?

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In AutoIt compile there's 5 settings settings to choose from






With upx there's 9 compression levels

-1 to -9

Which compression is equivilent to which?


Lowest = upx @ -1

Low = upx @ -3

Normal = upx @ -7

etc ..

Sorry if my question sounds stupid , but I've made a small AutoIt util for me to add my icons to my freshly compiled script.

The util just lets me select my autoit compiled script , select my icons I wan't to add , then it un upx's the compiled script and adds the icons I selected.

I'd like the util to upx the edit compiled AutoIt script back to it's prior compression level once the icons are added(not compressing the added icons) hence me asking which compression is equivilent to which.

tyia for any input to my question


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