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Automate Employee Quiz

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As I got help earlier, I saw another way autoit might be able to help me out, what an amazing program.

I just want to make sure its feasible, im not asking for a copy paste answer I would like to learn a lil.

I TA for a class, and my prof is sending students an evaluation form over the net to students. Students must enter their info, then complete one of those annoying picture security mechanisms. Once they are done there is an eval form. The entire process I think is done in flash. Anywas some questions are text enttry, some are check boxes, some are drop down lists. Now as of now we are doing sim tests all manual, problem is the eval form is not standard for each student, some questions may be there some not depending on the student. I was going to write a script to automate the eval form entry but then we would have to know which one it was.

So is there a way of saying


Tab ; Get onto first question

if checkbox do enter Tab

if dropdown press down tab

if textbox type test tab

if can no longer tab press enter

I realize as its a flash app this is probably not possible, and we will continue to manually do it during the test phase, but would save us a great deal of time if it is possible.


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if there were shortcut keys to every question it shouldn't be a problem, but seeing it is a IE app it might be a bit trickier... no text mean you can't search the dialog for a text-string, which probably makes you have to use pixelcolors. if the said checkboxes/radios etc. is in the same place every time, you might be able to determine if it is a checkbox.

Hard to tell if it's possible, but at least you should give it a try, Au3recorder is your friend :lmao:

> there are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

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