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IP Address and Gateway change

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I'm still trying to change IP Addresses. I've got most of it working, but fail when I attempt to change the gateway. I can do the change when I do the job manually, but not within my script.

My Code for Win 2000 is:

RunWait(@comspec & " /c netsh interface IP set address local static 1","",@SW_HIDE)

IP Address =

mask =

Gateway =

This example is from the help within netsh

Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong


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Time ago, I had the same problem.

I don't sure why Run(...) function don't set the values, like when is changed manually in the prompt. :D

But, I solved running a script with exec, first generate (FileWriteLine) a dump file, with your values(IPs), like this output:

netsh -c interface dump > C:\example.txt

After, run the output file:

netsh exec $yourFile

Hope it helps. :huh2:

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