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Class Scheduling at Case Western Reserve University

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For the last few months I have been programming this scheduling program for use with the online class information database for Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio.

So far, I have written over 2000 lines, and am still developing, but I wanted to see what you all thought about this so far.

I must warn you though, that the script does access the internet for large files. So if you dont have the gigabit connection that Case has, trial and implementation of the script may tax your bandwidth.

Since this doesn't have much use to anyone except faculty and students at Case, I dont think I will release the source code unless I get a number of requests to do so.

I just wanted you all to see this, to see if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions.

The vast majority of this program was written in Autoit. More than 99% AutoIt Genuine.

Hope you like it.

Here is the website that I have setup:


This is an install file, an exe. I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about, nothing viral, nothing harmful. But it would be good if someone besides me could scan it and let everyone else know that its OK.

I have scanned the file with current definitions Norton and Comodo Antivirus.

Feedback would be great.

EDIT: Wow, isn't this great. The day that I release the program Case changes their addressing formats.... dammit. The program is currelty broken, I am working on a fix so that it will work again,

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