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Is it possible to run a batchfile hidden?

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I´ve the following problem. I want to run a batchfile hidden, but don´t want the annoying CMD window pop up. The problem is, I wan´t to run the .bat as another user. If I run it as current user, it works.

Here is the code, that does not work as I would have expected.

RunAsSet("Administrator", @Computername, "password")
      Runwait ( $tmpfile & " >log.log",@TempDir , @SW_HIDE ) 

Without the "RunAsSet", the @SW_HIDE Flags works as expected and there is no command windows visible.


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Hello JdeB,

thanx for the answer. I am sorry that I asked something that was allready answered in the forum a while ago. I did a forum search before I posted this but did not find the post you linked to. Seems, I tried not the right search keyword.

Hm, the workaround could be work for what I want but, now that I know that this is a known issue I´ll try to find out if ther is a way beside restarting the script in admin mode to solve this.

Again thank you very much.


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I am not sure if it is considered to be a Bug or a Feature, but this was a way i got arround it.

Ps. It was not my intention to make it sound that you should have found it. Understand its a diffucult issue to search for this one.

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