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Fetch file name > Text file

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I know this is somewere in the help file, but i can´t get it.

I got a folder filled with files, that my script is creating.

Now i need to sort them into a txt file based on their name.

For example:







The output in the text file shoud look something like this:

*Done patching*




*Said NO 1 time* (In the ini file, there is a value "Count" wich change everytime they say NO)



*Said NO 2 times*



If there is no way to "hide" the .ini or .DONE it does not matter, but as long as i get a overview of the users who has "seen" or "run" the patch, its good.

I know this might be to much to ask, but if you could just point me into right direction, i might be able to solve this myself.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I have made a patching tool, wich you just add to the users login script.

Its two files, the file were you config what file should be used to patch and when its should be forced to run. And you got the "client" file, wich the users will see when they login, asking them if they wanna run the patch now or later.

If you are intrested in such a program, just ask, ill be happy to send it.

Were ever i lay my script is my home...

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