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pointers, stacks and queues anyone know.....?

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Has anyone used pointers, stacks or queues in autoit? what is the syntax of such data structures?

I'm sorry, but asking about "pointers" is a bit vague. What are you trying to use them for ? Mind you, a "pointer" can actually be just that : a simple reminder where to look to next, like an index into another table.

As for stacks and queues ? Neither seem to be nativily available in AI (as a quick look revealed). That means you will probably need to make your own.

For a stack that can be as simple as to define an array, and a pointer to the first-free array-element (a stack is a first-in, last-out mechanism). When you put something on the stack you place that data into the first-free array-element, and advance the pointer. When removing you decrement the pointer, and return the value from the array-element its pointing at.

For a queue it can be as simple as creating something like the above, but removing the data from the bottom (a queue is a first-in, first-out mechanism). Ofcourse, when you remove from the bottom you need to move all array-elements above it (and the pointer) one place down.

Hope that helps.

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