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Greets uberscripters. For the rest of you support and sysadmins, here's an idea I've implemented at work, thought you might find interesting/useful. We have a server that we load all of our installs on, and I have some scripts out there as well. I created a little script and used our SMS wanna be software to deploy it, and what it did was put this network location in everyone's system path. Now I can write a script, dump it to this network location, call a user and say click start, run, and type fixmystupidmistake or loadthisapp and click OK. It has come in handy many times. I've also written two dinky scripts that just pop up a message box with the users IP address and another one that displays their computer name. No more, start, run, cmd, ipconfig /all, look for the ip address, no no, that's your wireless adaptor, I need the ethernet card, blah blah.

On my server there's a lot of continual connections, since everyone is connecting to this location each time they want to run a command. This is a downside to doing this, has anyone else thought of a different or more clever approach to this?

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