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Filecopy API

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I want to use API Filcopy...

Here a vb sample script from micro$oft

Declare Function apiCopyFile Lib "kernel32" Alias "CopyFileA" _
      (ByVal lpExistingFileName As String, _
      ByVal lpNewFileName As String, _
      ByVal bFailIfExists As Long) As Long

      Sub CopyFile(SourceFile As String, DestFile As String)
      ' PURPOSE: Copy a file on disk from one location to another.
      ' ACCEPTS: The name of the source file and destination file.
      ' RETURNS: Nothing
        Dim Result As Long
         If Dir(SourceFile) = "" Then
            MsgBox Chr(34) & SourceFile & Chr(34) & _
               " is not valid file name."
            Result = apiCopyFile(SourceFile, DestFile, False)
         End If
      End Sub

please help me....


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Anything wrong with FileCopy AutoIt uses in the help file?


NoNo its all right with Filcopy in Autoit... :lmao:

But when i copy one bigfile(1000 MB) i would like see a progressbar and the Windows API do this (so i hope).

Can you help me??

Sorry for my bad english

cya Selnmich

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