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Scripting Defrag in Windows 2000

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Guest jsuknaic

I am new to this tool and I have been trying to script the use of the defrag tool provided in Windows 2000. Below is how the script is written:

Run, %systemroot%\\system32\\dfrg.msc

Winwaitactive, Disk Defrag


Winwaitactive, Defragmentation Complete

Send, {TAB}{ENTER}

Winwaitactive, Disk Defrag


When I run the script I get an error message that states the following:

Line 1:

Run, C:\\WINNT\\system32\\dfrg.msc

Error: unable to run program. (Ensure that backslashes \ have been used properly).

I have checked the location of the file and all appears well. I can use this command (the first line) to run notepad.exe. I think it may have something to do with executing an .msc file, but I am not sure. Can anyone help me?

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Don't think it works in Win2K....

There is a utility that helps out called autodefrag http://www.morphasys.com/autodefrag/

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