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Gui Newbie need help !


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Hello, somehow I do not understand that yet. Where has whatever file around a surface for Autoit to generate then runs? I drew and try 0,4,2 beta to Autobuilder it thereby. Do not understand however which of the files to be used thereby I an executable Exe get.

thank you for your assistance in advance

Sorry for my Bad English is Translationtool :D

Sorry the Error :

Line 4 :

This is in Line 4 :


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Hi Rigo

did you try the Autoit3.chm-helpfile?

Maybe there's an error in Autobuilder -> the GUICreate must include minor 1 value like:


I hope you have the latest unstable Autoit3-version.

Only that version includes the GUI-functions.

So if you use 1.0.100 stable version you will get an error.

The latest unstable! version you can get here:


!!! BUT don't forget: this version is still in development and so there could be changes so you have to change your scripts sometimes.

A lot of people using this version so you don't have to be afraid of it :D

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Hello, I know a script which I with Autobuilder provided later again with Autobuilder to further process?

Whom how?

thx Rigo

Sorry have found :D



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I have a problem. Whom I the value of an input of field into a Inidatei to write want stand there only the number of the Contorls drinne. I want however after pressure on the Button the value of the field into a file am stored.

Me there does someone know a helping?

Big thx Rigo

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