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How do i execute a script before XP starts

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hi! ok i want to write a softwaremenu where u can select some apps to autoinstall.

so far this works quiet well, but the problem is: to do an unattented installation the software has to run before windows starts up, i meen the startup sequence after logging in has to pause till the software has finished installation,this solves the problem that my firewall pauses the installation.

has anybody an idea to solve my problem? :">

maybe there is just a little registry entry i have to do...???


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need more info about the above... How do you know this solves your problem?

Do you want the menu to show up before you get a desktop?

Or do you want the software to run before the desktop... perhaps on reboot?

Details are good... don't assume we know anything about what you are doing and/or why...


yes the software installation should start on reboot and run before desktop and run before any firewall or av can pause the installation.some software do registry entries, and my firewall pause the installation and prompt me to select if i block the entry or not. this means for me i have to stay in front of my pc to guard all installations. but i want to do that all automatic, just select 14-16 apps for examble and then start. the menu should now reboot windows and install all the apps and then start the desktop before any firewall or other service could startup.

u know what i mean? :">

many thanx

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Lookup a registry key called RunOnce. It will do what you want.

cool! thanx! but i tried that before, but nothing happend after reboot.

can u give me just a little example for a key entry.

maybe for example the program : testfile.exe on drive C:

should start.

do i have to delete the key after the program is executed or does this key it automaticly?

many many thanx

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