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Hey guys - this is a tool that i've had for over a year. I've been meaning to share it with you guys.

Go here to check out the citrus alarm clock


Its a very simple program - i think it is not even really maintained anymore - but its a solid working program.

I know many other programs have been made, heck, i know that there are a few scripts out for autoit for scheduled executes.

This program allows you to execute an mp3 file, or any other file at a desired time. The coolest thing about this program as an alarm clock is that it can mute any and all audio on your computer for X number of hours before the alarm goes off (great for guys like me who listen to xm radio when he goes to bed), and you can set the alarm to fade the sound on over time (I set mine for an hour - at 6:30 ish in the morning, and over the next hour, my mp3 playlist plays all songs from zero volume up to max - which is so loud i have to get up). Very handy if you wake up groggy in the morning, the sound will gently wake you up

But I digress,

this is very very very handy. While designed with audio in mind, the program will run any sort of program at the desired time. Now you can use auto it to create all sorts of programs (I'm thinking about setting up a program to start up my audio alarm, then a big "good morning button" which will then lead the program to start up a web tv cast of the news, and pop up my email and today's events screens, and put them on my multiple monitors so i can have everything there when i wake up)

Hope someone else finds this program as awesome as I do.

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