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I just tried this out and must say that this could be quite a handy utility to have around.

Thanks for sharing. :whistle:

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Or you could always download Firefox :whistle:. It's free and much better than IE (matter of opinion, but I sure think so).

THIS IS PERFECT! Finally i dont have to use one of those lame scrolling toolbars for my shortcuts, or have about 20 different shortcuts on my desktop for my games programs etc!

One suggestion though, since I still have so many.. What about making folders for them to? (so to speak)

So you can do it more like...

Shortcut +

Games >

- BF2142

- BF2


- WoW

- Wc3

- AoE2


Programs >


- FireFox

- AutoIt3

- Scite

- AutoIt Help

Folders >

- Drive C

- AuScripts

- Media

Exit X

Something like that... Thats how my all-programs is set up but it takes a long time to navigate through all the folders, and theres a delay that gets really annoying so sometimes i have to click, but anyway, folders would make it alot better ;)

edit~If not make the 'folders' which would be more like sub catagories if you couldnt figure it out >< ... just make it so you can move the seperators around :P

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@ Rad , when adding a shortcut try:

In Program to Run box ... browse to explorer.exe and select.

eg; C:\Windows\explorer.exe

In the parameter box: type the path to the folder your wanting to open.

eg; C:\My Games

In the Name to display box give it a name you like.

Eg: Games

Save and your done ...

Edit: I left the source of the code there for ppl that want to do things like your after Rad , ftm I'm still working out other bugs , so if you'd like to edit the source then feel free to do so :whistle:

No matter how you do it rad your still gunna end up with a trillion sub menus if you've got that many important shortcuts you need to access all the time. So your simple menu ends up having to be just like your desktop to find anything.

If it's just hotkeys to your programs and folders your after , then in windows create a shortcut to your program or folder.

Then do a properties on the shortcut , set the hotkey for the shortcut .

That is exactly what I did to have utilitray launched via Hotkey in windows.

You don't need any 3rd party software to do this as it's part of windows.

Good luck.

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Agh hotkeys interfere! I use hotkeys in every program i use, and then even if I did complicated shortcuts that are unused (ctrl+alt+shift+P) I would do the wrong one xD

The folder thing works though ;)

I dont like it having so many seperators though, but thats just me

Oh and your program description has a typo!

Utilitray is a tary menu shortcut launcher for XP

Lol tary :whistle:

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Only 1 typo ... hmm , there should be at least 100+ in that script ...

dang it's over 7000 lines of bloat , I'm trying to thin it down.

But everytime I look at it find something else I shoulda added or left out or written differantly. Spose it's all in the learning.

ahh well just about to update the post again with a minor added feature.. "History List" in the program to run input box

bbs to update it shortly.


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Wow that script is long, I didnt even look at it I downloaded the .exe

Im lazy, and daring! :whistle:

Good job if I would have known that I would have been more thankful ;) (I am using this btw)

...Now I'm scared to edit it though LOL

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Glad to here your using it , hope it works ok for you :whistle:

Rad if you want I can post the text key list I use so I could keep track of what's what in the $udfsc array.

Probly make it easier to edit the script , but I doubt it..lol

updated 1st post removed due to updating

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