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Joystick sensitivity launch

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Well now, Its been a while since I've last been here. So here is the scoop:

I Just took apart an xbox driving wheel thing. Anyways, I wired some stuff and fixed it up, so only the peddles are left. Now, its wired up to a display thing that shows how hard its pressed, so I'm wondering if there is any way to make it so that If i press the right peddle on a specific sensitivity level or pressure level or something, then I hit the left button and it launches something. I know its not going to look one thing like this, but:

something like this-

If $Right Peddle = 1 then

if (Somehow check to see if left is pressed) then


end if


If $Right Peddle = 2 then

if (Somehow check to see if left is pressed) then

launch Autoit

end if


If $Right Peddle = 3

and so on.

If that would work, it would be great. I just need something to detect the specific button, and a way to read what the pressure is at. I do have drivers for it, but it just makes it so I can play games and stuff... but yea, can someone tell me how to get started?

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