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Start up creation within script

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I'm making an installer script that will set a jump to particular place in script on start up if the system needs to be rebooted during a particular program install. The way I'm going about placing the automatic start ups is by creating the startup files---embedding them in the program---extracting them to the temp directory while the program is active---IF a particular point is reached, it will copy that particular shortcut to the startup, to jump back to that area when the computer starts up again.

My question is, is there a way for me to make the startup files from within a script at a particular point?(let me know if that doesn't make sense/clear)


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Get your script to check for the existance of the shortcut in the startup. If it does not exist do the first part, if it does exist the do the second part.

If .... Then





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Thanks, That I know. My question is do I need to make the start up files first and embed them in the script/app--then place the particular start up file in the start up folder as/when needed(which is basically what I'm doing now)? Or is there a way to actually automatically make the start up file from within a script and place it in the startup folder as needed, basically tell the script...make this start up file and place/copy it to this folder?

It is then, when the computer restarts, I would have the script do what you said...when the file is actually in the start up folder.

But I need to take care of my first issue first. Why? Just ease of everything and it will make my final exe smaller.


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