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Unusual Input Control

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Unusual Input Control

I would like to have a single line edit or input control with a horizontal

scrollbar, automatic horizontal scroll and centered text.

Calling GUICtrlCreateInput() with $WS_HSCROLL creates such a control, but

the scrollbar does not work. Also other style flag combinations don't gave

the desired results, neither with an Input nor with an Edit control.

Ideally, I would also like to have the scrollbar (and consequntly the

Edit/Input control) initially set to center position, but that's not

so important.

Does anybody know how to create such a control if it's at all possible.

Another thing is that I would like to create an Input or Edit control

which is for example exactly 20 text chars wide.

I know that AutoIt is not a full-featured GUI Development language, but hey... :whistle:

Any help or suggestion is greatly appriciated.

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