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I meant Checkbox problem, sorry about that.

THere is somthing i want to do but I am some trouble making it work. I have the basic GUI made, thanks to the autobuilder.

All I want to do is take the input from a checkbox and run functions accordingly. For example; lets say I have four checkbox's which all correspond to four functions. the user checks the box's presses the start button at the bottom of the gui. Lets say the user checks box 1 and 4, functions 1 and 4 will run when the start button is pressed.

I have been looking at some examples and cant seem to get a grasp on this concept. I little help would be nice, I dont mind learning and/or torubleshooting, but I am really stuck.

thank you.

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When the button is clicked, read the state of each checkbox and act accordingly. Example:

Global $GUI_CHECKED      = 1
Global $GUI_UNCHECKED  = 4

Opt("GUINotifyMode", 1)
GuiCreate("MyGUI", 392,273,(@DesktopWidth-392)/2, (@DesktopHeight-273)/2 , 0x04CF0000)

$checkbox_1 = GUISetControl("checkbox", "Checkbox 1", 20, 20, 130, 30)
$checkbox_2 = GUISetControl("checkbox", "Checkbox 2", 20, 60, 130, 30)
$checkbox_3 = GUISetControl("checkbox", "Checkbox 3", 20, 100, 130, 40)
$checkbox_4 = GUISetControl("checkbox", "Checkbox 4", 20, 150, 130, 30)
$button_1 = GUISetControl("button", "Button 1", 20, 200, 130, 50)


While 1
    $msg = GuiMsg(0)
    Case $msg = -3
    Case $msg = $button_1
      If GuiRead($checkbox_1) = $GUI_CHECKED Then MsgBox(4096,"","Checkbox #1 is checked")
      If GuiRead($checkbox_2) = $GUI_CHECKED Then MsgBox(4096,"","Checkbox #2 is checked")
      If GuiRead($checkbox_3) = $GUI_CHECKED Then MsgBox(4096,"","Checkbox #3 is checked")
      If GuiRead($checkbox_4) = $GUI_CHECKED Then MsgBox(4096,"","Checkbox #4 is checked")
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You can get the state of a checkbox (and other controls) with GuiRead()

GUICreate("Title", 200, 200)

$check_1 = GuiSetControl ("checkbox", "", 10,10,20,20)
$check_2 = GuiSetControl ("checkbox", "", 10,30,20,20)
$check_3 = GuiSetControl ("checkbox", "", 10,50,20,20)
$check_4 = GuiSetControl ("checkbox", "", 10,70,20,20)

$OK = GUISetControl ("button", "OK", 10,100,100,20)
While GUIMsg() <> -3
$msg = GuiRead()

case $msg = $OK
$val_check_1 = GuiRead($check_1)
$val_check_2 = GuiRead($check_2)
$val_check_3 = GuiRead($check_3)
$val_check_4 = GuiRead($check_4)

;---Just to see what you get back---
;---1 is checked, 4 is unchecked, exactly what the helpfile says---
MsgBox (0, "title", $val_check_1 & $val_check_2 & $val_check_3 & $val_check_4)

;---So you can do things like---
IF $val_check_1 == 1 Then
MsgBox (0, "Output", "Checkbox 1 is checked")
MsgBox (0, "Output", "Checkbox 1 is unchecked")



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