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control click

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Using control click (as shown below)

ControlClick ( "title", "text", "classnameNN" [, button] [, clicks]] )

I want to send a click to a control with the following credentials as shown in the window spy:

>>>>>(LAST CONTROL UNDER MOUSE)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Class: WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app34 Text: Button5

So i use the following:

Control Click("windowname","windowtext","WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app34")

this function returns 1 (success) but the button doesnt seem to be clicked.

Even if i use "Button5" in the classname , it still does the same thing???

Any ideas?

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The name of the control leads me to believe that it is not a native windows control. The Control* functions (ControlClick, ControlSend, etc) only work with generic windows controls. If a program defines its own controls, then you cannot use the Control* commands to manipulate it.

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