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binary to text?

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Does anyone have a way to convert a binary string to text? I want to store my password to a program in a ini file, but I wanted to put it in a binary form so if someone looked at it, they most likely wouldn't know what it is. I was thinking of even splitting the password in 2 pieces to make it more secure.

For example: If my password was autoit, the binary would be 01100001011101010111010001101111011010010111010000110011

I could split it so it would be like this: (ini listed first)


au = 0110000101110101

to = 0111010001101111

it3 = 011010010111010000110011

$a = $a = iniread("file", "section", "au", "")
$b = iniread("file", "section", "to", "")
$c = iniread("file", "section", "it3", "")
$convert1 = _convertbinarytotext($a)
$convert2 = _convertbinarytotext($B)
$convert3 = _convertbinarytotext($c)
msgbox(0, "password is:", $convert1 & $convert2 & $convert3)

_convertbinarytotext is the function that would convert the binary to text. I searched thru the help file and the forum, but no luck. Any direction would be helpful

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found this UDF but it it doesn't work properly. :whistle: Perhaps it can give you ideas however.

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