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Syntax for quotation marks in "Send"??

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I need to add the source URL to saved webpages. I've been doing it this way via Notepad for years and I like it and it works for me. (Various URL-injecting apps never did the job reliably and this is so easy.) But I've been running into trouble with one of the quotes needed. Here is the script as it stands now:


; AutoIt v3.0


Send("{enter}{enter}<{!}--HTML doc's URL{:}-->{enter}<b><font color={#}00FFFF><A HREF="">{enter}{enter}<{/}A><{/}b><{/}font>{enter}<br>{enter}<br>{enter}<br>{enter}{enter}{enter}{enter}{up}{up}{up}{up}{up}{up}{up}{up}{left}{left}")

; Finished!

The above code works fine except that the second set of quotation marks gets left out. That's the set of quotes found after the HREF reference (<A HREF="">). When run, the above script gives me exactly this:

<!--HTML doc's URL:-->

<b><font color=#00FFFF><A HREF=">





After the A HREF, only one can be seen. Quotes are used with the send process in AI to start and stop what is being sent, I know (syntax: Send("")). But how can I fix this, pls? I've looked in the help file, of course, but I couldn't find anything re this. I'm hoping that there's a way to properly input these marks for being sent as text. The usual type of workaround, {"}, just causes errors. :D

I'm currently using beta v102, though have to say that the same thing happened in 101.

Thanks. :huh2:

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What about? :

Send("{enter}{enter}<{!}--HTML doc's URL{:}-->{enter}<b><font color={#}00FFFF><A HREF="">{enter}{enter}<{/}A><{/}b><{/}font>{enter}<br>{enter}<br>{enter}<br>{enter}{enter}{enter}{enter}{up}{up}{up}{up}{up}{up}{up}{up}{left}{left}""")

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I've been through a similar problem with the quotes. The best bet is to use single quotes (') around your entire string, and then all double quotes (") that you use will be treated literally so Send('"send"') would send the word send with double quotes in front of and behind it, hope this helps.

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