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Optional Function Parameters

Guest aallison

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Guest aallison

Is it possible to setup optional parameters in user-defined functions.

I saw a post suggesting passing in an array, but I was wondering if anyone know of something else.


Anthony Allison

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As of the current version, optional paramaters are not supported in UDF's. Two current solutions involve the use of an array, or using "placeholder" paramaters, like 0's or 1's or an empty string. Just have your function either check the array, or the paramaters for the fillers, and use some function default in its place.

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There's also the option of sending your parms in a pipe-delimited string that you then parse internally into an array:

;Calling the function ..
    _MyFunc("hello")   ;standard call
    _MyFunc("hello|5");send optional timeout parm


;Function with optional parameters
Func _MyFunc($psParms)
    $asParm = StringSplit($psParms, "|")
        Case $asParm[0] = 1
        Case $asParm[0] = 2
           ;..the optional timeout was passed
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