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Script doesn't execute under Windows Server 2003

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I am in the process of writing a script to run a large number (~20) of sql query files against a database. When I run the script (for testing) on a WinXP system, it works flawlessly.

However, when I try to run the compiled script on a Windows 2003 Server, with SQL Server 2005, the script does not execute. It should initially come up and ask for the SA password, and the server name, these do not come up. I get no errors, nor do I have the taskbar inidicator that AutoIT is running.

I am using AutoIT v3.2.0.1.

The code is below (rather compact, I feel)

#include <array.au3>
Dim $arrquery[1]

$sqlSApwd = InputBox("SA Password required", "What is the SA password for the server?", "", "*M")
$sqlServerName = InputBox("SQL Servername required", "What is the SQL Server name?")

$sqlquery = FileFindFirstFile ("*.sql")
$x = 1

While 1
    $arrquery[$x-1] = FileFindNextFile($sqlquery)
    if @error then ExitLoop
    ReDim $arrquery[$x]

ReDim $arrquery[$x]
_ArrayDisplay( $arrquery, "Unsorted")
_ArraySort( $arrquery)

For $remove = 25 to 1 step -1
    $pos = _arraysearch($arrquery, $remove)
    If $pos=-1 Then
    ;Do nothing
        _ArrayDelete($arrquery, $pos)

For $x= 0 to _ArrayMaxIndex( $arrquery, 1)
    RunWait( @comspec & " /c sqlcmd -U sa -P " & $sqlSApwd & " -S " & $sqlServerName & " -d [i]database[/i] -i """ & $arrquery[$x] & """)

Some notes.

The _arraydisplay will come ou in the final code.

The reason for removing items from the array, is there are actually around 46 query files, but we only need the last 20 or so.

Also, the quotes in the runwait at the end are needed, as the query files have names like "26 Create AuditTrail Database & Tables.sql"

Thanks for any help,


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OK, been doing some work on this, adding bit-by-bit to the code, and recompiling.

This only fails if the runwait command is there. Once that is commented out, it works without a problem. The obvious issue is that I need the runwait to execute the sqlcmd.....

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Jason A.

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