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Packet Counter Script

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Hi all,

I'm quite fresh on Autoit programming, so I'm afraid I'm gonna need some help on this...

I'm trying to write a script for a packet counter for a simple network adapter (ethernet). I want to use some SNMP commands (such as GET and SET) te read some info from the MIB, and then save this info on another file. Well, I've tried lots of times but with no success 'till now... Can anyone help me? does anyone already has a script with this functionality????

Please help me guys!

Thanks in advance! :whistle:

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You could probably do it with Microsoft's SNMP provider for WMI:


Then just query WMI correctly to get the info.

Hey, thanks for the information Lod3n! I think I can see your point, I got your idea, but I'm afraid I'm not sure how to implement the whole thing...sorry, I'm still quite fresh with autoit scripts.... Can you (or anyone else!) help me here?

Thanks guys!

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Well, what do you want to do exactly? Why? Where will it be used? What have you already tried and failed at? Who's going to use it?

Hi lod3n...just answering your questions:

What do I want exactly? Basically, a simple script that counts the lost/transmitted packtets (any kind of packets...TCP, UDP..._from an Ethernet Network Adapter.

Why? To learn something new, to learn some network scripts, etc :whistle:

Where will it be used? The script will run on a host of a simple LAN

What have I already tried and failed at? I did some trials in programming this stuff, but, as I have already said, I'm quite new on this, so I'm afraid I don't have the skill to develop this kind of thing....that's why I want to take a look at the code, to understand the logic and the commands

Who's going to use it? Just me :">


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