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Screen Resolution and Pixelchecksum


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When you check more complex arrays with pixelchecksum in a low color mode environment like 256 you recieve speratic results.

As of now the only fix i can think of is to change color mode up to 16bit, then using Pixelchecksum, and then rersetting color mode back down to 256.

I am trying to find a way around this but have been unsuccessfull so far. Any suggestions whould be greatly apreciated.

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I have found this too.

It happens the PixelChecksum returns the same number on two different 256 color surfaces [EDIT: NOT TRUE really , see posts below]:

- 32-bit color mode was Enabled at the time of checksum

- first checksum was made in 256 color DOS window

- second checksum was made over a grey surface near Autoit menu (which is also 256 color, I suppose)

- dimensions of both checksums were the same (the same width and height)

Is the algorythm for PixelChecksum available anywhere?

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