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AutoItX and #include

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Hi all ...

I hope all are very well today. What I'd like to do is to reuse some AutoIT functions in a #include file, when driving autoit from AutoItX.

Any ideas how I might do that? Can I (for example) ... Use AutoItX to Run a script (call it, reuse.au3 ) that can some how export functions via COM+.

Let's pretend "reeuse.au3" has a userfuction, Func ExampleCall()

I'd like to be able to call the user function, "ExampleCall()" from inside a caller program.

I am not particular about 'how' I call teh ExampleCall( ) function in the caller (e.g. it might be VBsript or C++ program). It seems if there's no way to do what I'm describing, I'd have to rewrite the guts of my sample, "ExampleCall( )" in vbscript all over again.

how many clever solutions out there?



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