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Get the java object

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I got a homepage which launches an applet

The html on the page are


<title>Tid (reg./godkendelse)</title>

<meta name="Microsoft Theme" content="none, default">
<meta name="Microsoft Border" content="none, default">


<object classid="clsid:CAFEEFAC-0013-0001-0001-ABCDEFFEDCBA" width="0" height="0" codebase>
  <param name="code" value="jarcache.Main">
  <param name="archive" value="jarcache.jar">
  <param name="codebase" value="http://ptas.tdk.dk:7915">
  <param name="configuration" value="config.txt">
  <param name="type" value="application/x-java-applet;version=1.2.2">
  <param name="MAYSCRIPT" value="true"><embed MAYSCRIPT="true"><noembed>No JDK 1.2.2 support for APPLET!
  </noembed> No JDK 1.2.2 support for APPLET!!
<script Language="Javascript">
function getAnummer(){
  return "ÈCcBB";}

What i want to is to get a handle or something so i can interact with the applet.. Right now I'm using the WinWaitActive and a bunch of tabs :whistle:

(The applet contains some form I need to fill)

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I tried everything I could find on here and everything I could think of for a similar Java applet on an internal site where I work, and couldn't get anything to work. The best I've been able to come up with is that everything appears in the same location relative to the window, so my script watches for certain window titles, then uses Send and MouseClick commands. For what I need, that works within an acceptable margin. I wish I could truly interact with the Java controls though.

My UDFs: ExitCodes

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Exactly what I'm doing atm ;) The problem is that the loadtime / the time to tab in the java is not the same so sometimes the applet dont get all my tabs due to fast tabbing :whistle:

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The Java applet will be represented in the HTML code as an embed, object or applet tag. You can get a reference to it with _IETagNameGetCollection and then you may be able to use _IEPropertyGet($oTag, "readyState") to check to see if it's loadstate is complete or 4. I haven't tested, but it is worth a try.


Free Internet Tools: DebugBar, AutoIt IE Builder, HTTP UDF, MODIV2, IE Developer Toolbar, IEDocMon, Fiddler, HTML Validator, WGet, curl

MSDN docs: InternetExplorer Object, Document Object, Overviews and Tutorials, DHTML Objects, DHTML Events, WinHttpRequest, XmlHttpRequest, Cross-Frame Scripting, Office object model

Automate input type=file (Related)

Alternative to _IECreateEmbedded? better: _IECreatePseudoEmbedded  Better Better?

IE.au3 issues with Vista - Workarounds

SciTe Debug mode - it's magic: #AutoIt3Wrapper_run_debug_mode=Y Doesn't work needs to be ripped out of the troubleshooting lexicon. It means that what you tried did not produce the results you expected. It begs the questions 1) what did you try?, 2) what did you expect? and 3) what happened instead?

Reproducer: a small (the smallest?) piece of stand-alone code that demonstrates your trouble

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Well going to test it tommorow :whistle: Though im not worried about the load time at the beginning.. more the time the program uses when i enter numbers etc

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