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Wow, a person can become very blurry-eyed searching these forums!

I need some help. I want to be able to display pictures (.jpg) from our digital camera from an AutoIT script. I've tried using GUICtrlCreatePic and it works, but I've found there's quite a bit to it to scale the images appropriately and to provide a zoom function.

Can these things be done in AutoIt? Does anyone know of an ActiveX control for image viewing that is scriptable in AutoIt? I wouldn't mind buying an ActiveX control to accomplish the viewing requirement -- I don't think I have the knowledge or time to get it done any other way...

Thanks in advance for your guidance.


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Thanks Larry -- I download your image info reader and it works great. You are making me look good to my wife!

Is it possible to provide an imaging zooming funtion in Autoit? It's a lot to ask, but any quick tips? Usually if someone points me in the right direction I can figure out the details.

Thanks so much again.

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Do something like

$Pic_Width = 300
$Pic_Height = 300

$Zoom_Mult = 2

GUICtrlCreatePic("C:\Test Pic.jpg",-1($Pic_Width / $Zoom_Mult),-1($Pic_Height/ $Zoom_Mult),$Pic_Width * $Zoom_Mult, $Pic_Height * $Zoom_Mult)

Then have the GUI the same size as the pic ... And use GUICtrlSetPos() for panning.

Or just double the size (2X zoom) of the pic control and the GUI holding it.


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