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Throwing everything but the kitchen sink at this control

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Thanks to SmOke_N I have a script that finds ClassNameNN for me which works great. The problem is every which way I call a certain menu, the script acts differently. Here is some example data

ClassNameNN "App10.12345"

The menu option which I am calling goes like this

&File -> &New -> OptionName

New is the first option under File then the menu splits to the right and OptionName is the first item also. I need to call the directly and now by up, down, left, right

I have tried Various control send options such as








along with multiple other variations. I have also tried WinMenuSelectItem which did not seem to do anything to the application. This app is written using a .Net framework and probably non standard controls. Any Ideas on the best way to call this menu option which will give me the same results every time?

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Sounds like you have a Toolbar acting like a menu (ie. like Explorer). If so, you might want to take a look at the Auto3Lib Toolbar and Menu libraries. They allow you to click a menu by accelerator or button id and capture the popup menu that appears afterward.

I have actually read through and tried to use some functions in that library. I think I need a get started tutorial or something because I didn't get to far, my fault of course.

How do I retrieve some of the things that you mention in the library like $hWnd.

I read this:

$hWnd - Handle to the window containing the menu. Windows 98/Me and Windows

; 2000/XP: If this value is 0 and the $hMenu parameter represents a popup menu, the

; function will find the menu window.

I tried using the ClassNameNN and the Text but that didn't seem to do what I wanted. Can I get the handle using the AutoIt Window Info tool?

Thanks for any help. Still a newb to AutoIt

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