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Excluding areas from pixelscan

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I've seen people asking from this, however there is a rather simple solution to this.

Usually you scan the screen linewise or pixelwise.

In order to solve it set a Xclude Area like

$XEx1=10 (starting X to exclude)

$XEx2=20 (ending X to exclude)

$YEx1=30 (starting Y to exclude)

$YEy2=50 (ending Y to exclude)

Search for your pattern as usual and make a little check within your function that discards the result if it's in the Area, like:

IF $XResult >= $XEx1 AND $XResult <= $XEx2 AND $YResult <= $YEx1 AND $YResult >= Y$Ex2 Then

$Linecounter=$Linecounter+1 ; assuming you count the lines else call the function/routine you usally call if you have found nothing !


;continue with your functions like normal

Doing this you scan like you always do, however if your result is in the exclude area you just continue as if you had found nothing.

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