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I bet u don't have a clue what just happend :(((

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Hey LocoDarvin!

Do not wory,i am not "up to no good" :whistle::D just kidn


My remoteAdmin is working fine,but could beter whit some video striming... never mind

I ask of you just to run this!

It is not what it looks like! BELIVE ME ;):P;)

#include <guiconstants.au3>

Opt("MouseCoordMode", 2)

Dim $left = 10

Dim $top = 20

Dim $width = 100

Dim $height = 25

Dim $Mouse

$Main = GUICreate("MyGui", 200, 100)

$label = GUICtrlCreateLabel("This Label", $left, $top, $width, $height, $WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW + $WS_VISIBLE + $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS)



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