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Exit doesn't work if it follows a Sleep comma?

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Has anyone else run into this?

I use "Exit" at the end of all my scripts. It closes AI after script is done and removes it from the systray. What I've noticed is that the Exit doesn't work in scripts with the Sleep command in them. :D

Is there a way to make AI close that I don't know about when using "Sleep"?

I'm using the beta 102 on Win98SE. :huh2:

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AutoIt scripts terminate automatically once the end of the code is reached. There is no need for explicitly calling Exit except when you wish to terminate a script pre-maturely or you wish to return an exit code to the system.

What exactly is the problem you have? Do you mean that Exit isn't called immediately? Of course it won't be, that's the whole point of what Sleep() does. Can you post a (small) script that demonstrates whatever problem it is you are experiencing?

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:huh2: <rofl> THANK YOU so much! What you said struck a chord and I suddenly realized where the problem might lie and went back to check! Typo! I added too many zeros to the sleep code by mistake and didn't realize it; and since I replicated all the other scripts with sleep in them from that first one, I never figured out the direction of the error as they all behaved identically! <g>

Thanks, they're all fixed now! :D

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