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Quick Question About Saving/ReOpening In GuiBuilder

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Ok this maybe a stupid question so bare with me, I just downloaded AutoIt for the first time.

Im trying to design a GUI using the GuiBuilder in SciTE. Now I know theres 2 GUI builders in SciTE, one is called GuiBuilder and the other is called Koda. Now im using GuiBuilder. My question is about being able to re-open a previously made gui in GuiBuilder to modify it later. For example say I open up GuiBuilder and start designing a layout. Then once closing GuiBuilder, it adds the code to the AutoIt script. Now say I want to come back and modify something it that gui later. I goto open the au3 file in SciTE and then when I see all the code there from before which is good, but then when I go open GuiBuilder again, its a blank Gui again and wants me to start all over. Then say I added something to it, it just places that code right under the other gui code.

My question is using GuiBuilder, Not Koda, how can I save a Gui im working on and then come back later and open it back up again in GuiBuilder. The reason I want todo this is before I dont want to have to design the whole gui in one sitting. Or I may even want to modify something later.

Is there anyway todo this in GuiBuilder, not Koda?

Thanks for any help! And by the way AutoIt is AMAZING, I had no idea something like this existed, im in love! Thanks to all the creators and community of AutoIt for a great program!

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try this...me using guibuilder 9.4 (by Cyberslug)

once you are done with the "designing" go to File > Save As

here u hv the opt of saving the design as a *.agd file (once again thanks to cyberslug)

got it?

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Oh man v9.4 is so much better. Alot more options and the ability to save. Thanks again guys!

One more quick question though. In this version it seems it has alot more options for editing fields, or the labels or anything. Options for changing the text color and size and font etc. Now my problem is now whenever I go try and edit the color, or font, or text size, or a bunch of the other fields, those fields are always greyed out on mine and I cant change them.

Heres A ScreenShot:

Posted Image

Any ideas???

Thanks again!


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