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IsMemberOf => With Nested(Token) Group Support

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Ok, after some trys, here it is

It lets you to test if a member of a domain is member of a group

for example, the attribute memberOf just test if you're member of the direct group

for example.





Some User

You can for now test if "someuser" is member of DirectGroup, but not of Top Group.

With this script You can.

It's a conversion and adaptation from :


I've some other methods but thez don't work in AutoIt.

So if you can help, they're attached too :


the main problem is ByteArrayToString method, and the script.dictionnary, that doesn't add the key, dunno why

Note : the script is quite long (between 300 and 500 ms, depending of the number of group of a user)

Note 2 : Sorry for my poor english

here is the UDF :


and an example :


and some help for these methods if you can :

-- Arck System _ Soon -- Ideas make everything

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Projects :

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