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Who was there and what time and data?

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I have been asked to make a little program for a diso.

The idea:

In the disco the want to know how many visitors the have and when you came what data time ect...

I don't have any idea how to make it but i have some idea's how i can make it but i ned your help because i don't know how to do...

What can the program do:

You have a window at the pc where you can full in the data and the person number of the visitor.

What it must do is when you full in the data and you have the person that wants to entree you ask there card and read the cardnumber.

put it into the program and then click done ore something like that.

The program will make a new file whit the data as file name.

It can be a txt file.

Then what the program must do when you click done it must look into another file for example members.txt

Every members must be into that file so when someone has an invalid cardnumber we can see it.

How does the members.txt look like:

0001 (firstname) (lastname) ( city) streetname+number) (age)

0002 etc..

So when the person 0001 wants to entree the disco the program will look for that number and copys all the information about that person to the file whit the data of today...

I hope you can understand because my english is not so well..

Could you help me whit making this program?

I don't have any idea how to make the program so when i click on done it will look for the cardnumber in members.txt and copy all the data of that person to the file of today whit them time he or she had entried..

Could someone help me please?

I know how to make buttons etc...

I little problem, hard to find and fix

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I have found something that could work..

I will make a file members.ini and there must me all the member into:

$var = IniRead("myfile.ini", "0001", "key", "NotFound")

MsgBox(4096, "Result", $var)

That is how to read from that file and then it will post a messagebox whit result.

Now is my questiopn how to make it that i can make an inputbox into a gui and then i must full in a number for example 0001 then i must click done and it will look for 0001 into the ini file and if it is not found it say not found..

But how to let it copy the line to the file of today?

Will try to explain:

The disco is every friday.

I want that we have a folder and you first must give a data what day it today is so the file can make an.txt file whit the data as name..

Could someone help me please

I little problem, hard to find and fix

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Sounds like you need a membership database to look up and verify membership and write a line to an output log file for each member that is admitted. Keeping a membership database in an ini file may work for a small number of members, but you will find it will get too slow as you have to search a large database using AutoIT.

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