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Help: Copy text to a input box

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Okay guys,

i'am totaly new to AutoIt (Great Work man :) ),

i only have written some small "Idle" scripts ...

So i need help with AutoIt:

My autoit script should read names from a text file (named nicks.txt/ini),

and it should write them down into a input box (like a Java Chat or something else)


What should i write down in my script? :huh2:

Any pieces of advice?

P.S: Sorry if my english is bad, iam german :D

P.S.S: I thank you already times first!

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IniRead, NickName, Nicks.ini, Alias, RudiVöller

WinActivate, TargetAppWindow

Send, %NickName%


[Alias]RudiVöller=Tante Käthe

Anmerkung: Java Windows lassen sich nur schwer antriggern. Möglicherweise mußt Du das Fenster voab "festtackern"/positionieren und dann per Mausklick aktivieren.



Da du gerade mit AutoIt beginnst, arbeite dich besser gleich auf AutoIt 3 ein (erweiterter Befehlssatz). Sollte dir die AutoIt 3 Syntax zu komplex sein, wäre AutoHotkey eine Alternative.


From the beginning you should choose AutoIt 3 (advanced command reference). If its syntax seems to complex for you, AutoHotkey could be an alternative.

BTW: I like your nick!

Rgds, C0w0nCr4ckOv3rD0z3 :D

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Yo thx man ...

i will tried it out later .... if got any problems i will ask ...

BTW: Is my nick so nice? :D

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