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Please help me correct this

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Guest RobK60

This bit of code doesnt seem to be working properly... what i want it to do is search through the rectangle to look for a certain color. and click it ... the object moves thus the reason for doing it 4 times it ensures that the object gets clicked.

It seems to work.....untill the second time through the loop it will give me the error code: subscript used with non-array variable.

I dont understand... your help is appreciated

while 1

$a= PixelSearch(44,257,486,272,0x00FFFF)

$b= PixelSearch(46,257,486,272,0x00FFFF)

$c= PixelSearch(45,257,486,272,0x00FFFF)

$e= PixelSearch(42,257,486,272,0x00FFFF)

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Your mouse clicks assume that PixelSearch returns an array. However, if PixelSearch only returns an array if the color is found! (The help file says that PixelSearch returns numeric 1 and sets @error to 1 if it "fails.")

Try something like this:

$a= PixelSearch(44,257,486,272,0x00FFFF)
If IsArray($a) Then mouseclick("left",$a[0],$a[1])
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Guest RobK60

Ok now its not saying its an array...so most likely is not finding the color, when doing pixel search for the 4 variables right left bottom and top should i be using the X vars on the window spy util to determine the area to search? im not clear on how that works

this is how i have it set up now using only X vars PixelSearch(44,257,486,272,0x00FFFF) what is it i should be doing? my whole screen?

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