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Unable to "see" key

Guest cheungs

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Guest cheungs

hi all,

trying to automate the installation of an app, but when I try to do something simple like hit enter, autoit cannot "access" or see any buttons.

run=("install.exe");this runs ok
winwaitactive("app window name") 
send({ENTER});send enter when prompted for Next, focus is already on next button.

it is when i get to send ({ENTER}) that the script fails. when i run the install.exe manually, i get to this screen and can hit enter or spacebar. so i know the key sequence is correct

if i use the autoit window spy, i can see the window title, but cannot see the Next button.

the next button also does not have an underscore either for the "n"

what methods are there to use "see" and access the button? app looks like a Java app, can autoit handle Java apps?

can you please help?



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