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Waiting for more than one window

Guest Greg Thomas

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Guest Greg Thomas

I've a VB program using the ActiveX DLL. After clicking on a button, depending on something outside of my control, one of three windows will (eventually) appear. Is there an easy way to wait for one of the three to arrive? At the moment, I've got something like

  If autoIt.WinWait("Window 1", "", 1) = 1 Then 
    WinFound = 1
  ElseIf autoIt.WinWait("Window 2", "", 1) = 1 Then 
    WinFound = 2
  ElseIf autoIt.WinWait("Window 3", "", 1) = 1 Then 
    WinFound = 3
  End If
Loop While WinFound = 0
This works, but it does mean that there is a few seconds delay, depending on where in the loop you are, before the program continues. Of course, the more windows you are looking for, the worse the delay is!

I suppose I could use WinExists() to get an instant result, with a Sleep() to stop the loop from burning CPU, but there is still a delay in waiting for the Sleep() to finish. I wonder if anyone can think of a better way of doing it?

I guess what I really want is WinWaitOr(), which takes an array of window titles/texts. returning the index of the array of the window it found.



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