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Batch File Returncode

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Hi, i`m translating an AutoIt v2 script to v3.

Lines in v2:

Runwait, %savelh% full %server%, c:\\
SetEnv, el, %ERRORLEVEL%

The automatic v2->v3 converter`s giving me the lines:

$__err = __err( RunWait ( $savelh & ' full ' & $server, 'c:\' )
$el = $__err

What the.. ? I don`t really understand what it is doing. I found the __err function defintion at the bottom of the script, but that`s just for switching the 0 and 1 return code in the case of an error (was different in v2 and v3).

The batch file exits with many different values (10,12,13,14,99,100, whatever)

How exactly do i get that "exit %el%" (the exit line from the batch file with the variable %el%, representing an errorcode integer) value into my v3 script ?

Hope i`m not too confusing in what my problem is. I´m in a hurry.

Thanks for any help !


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[EDIT] Tried it at "work" ( :D ) and it is simple like that... [/EDIT]

Thanks !

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