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GuiBuilder v9.4 Color & Fonts + More Options Greyed Out, why?

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Oh man v9.4 is so much better. Alot more options and the ability to save. Thanks again guys!

One more quick question though. In this version it seems it has alot more options for editing fields, or the labels or anything. Options for changing the text color and size and font etc. Now my problem is now whenever I go try and edit the color, or font, or text size, or a bunch of the other fields, those fields are always greyed out on mine and I cant change them.

Heres A ScreenShot:

Posted Image

Any ideas???

Thanks again!

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I'm not sure but ain't GUiBuilder sort of put in ice because people use http://www.autoitscript.com/fileman/users/lookfar/formdesign.html?

I would love to see a AutoIt GuiBuilder evolve, but I think AutoIt's single thread limit will be a show stopper?

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