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is there any dictionary-attack tool made with Autoit?

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I have problem with my secret answer (web account). I have been trying to use some kind of passphrase cracking tool but no one works on that page (there is a lot of empty fields with ID's and passwords ). So I thought the best solution is to use very simple script which could use dictionary and mark correct field (eaven by pointing). Next press ENTER and check results (changes in adress bar) and so on using another word from dictionary....

Next importatnt thing is the web works not so fast and posibility of controling speed of this script would be very useful. After it "gues" the answer or something error will ocure the web script should stop with last used word in memory... What You think about that tool?

Did You hear about something simmilar or some base script to smal changes?

Thanks for any chelp.

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